Thursday, December 1, 2011

C4T 4

In the blog post People, people, people
Mr. Fawcett talks about his trip to a seminar and how he was excited to be there. He also mentioned that no one there was forced to be there that they were there on their own will. This made me happy because there are some teachers out in the education field to day that have no desire whatsoever to be going to seminars.
He filled the blog with the exciting thing that they talked about and the one thing was how Twitter can be used. (sound familiar?)

I once agian made a comment on yet a different post by Mr.Fawcett this one talks about the Education Reset. How the education system is so "messed up" and the things that are need to make it better is only making it worse. Mr. Fawcett believes (I agree) that education needs to crash, and there be a complete new build up. That the education system would be so much better.

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