Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blog Post #1

There are a few things that I have heard about EDM310. One being that this will be the hardest class at the University of Alabama. I have also had previous students say that they really enjoyed the class because it is hands on and not class notes. I have some fears about this class. Them being mostly will I leave a great impression, or trail for people to follow? I must admit that I have taken this course before and it was difficult for me because I was not accustomed to the workload. Other classes that I have been enrolled in at both the university and in high school were not as challenging. This is both good and bad. The good part is that I will/have learned a lot of information that I can take with me in my future classroom. The bad being that I was deprived from information that could have better prepared me for this course. The most difficult thing for me in EDM310 will be trying to convince myself that I am leaving a positive persona that the world will be able to view. The only way that I can be sure that I am leaving a positive trail would be to act as a professional both in class and in the social media. The only question that I have is If/When I make a comment on a post, will I be "graded" harshly because I don't necessarily agree with the topic at hand? I know that no two people have to agree, but If I don't agree with per say...Dr.Strange will that affect his view on my way of thinking?


  1. "...hardest class at the University of Alabama." We are not even offering it at the University of Alabama! Now that's saying something!

    "Them being mostly will I leave a great impression, or trail for people to follow? " I do not understand this sentence. What is the antecedent of Them?

    You can believe anything you want to believe - even that the world is flat. But to convince others (and me) you have to support your beliefs with facts and logical arguments.

  2. Hello. In the paragraph I was referring to "them" as my fears I have for the course. I have more than a few right now at the start of the semester. Yes, my statement should've been worded differently,and I can see now that it seems like it is only one fear.

    I would also like to correct myself...It is suppose to read,the University of South Alabama. I am a work in progress. I will strive to make my future posts of great quality and understanding.

  3. Hello Roshawnda,

    I have to agree with you on the part where you said that EDM 310 is the hardest course on campus. The first day of class was very overwelming for me and I didnt understand how to do anything for this class. I hope throughout the semester everything gets better.