Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blog Post #2

Mr. Dancealot
The central message of this video is that you cannot teach a subject and have no experience actually performing the task and be successful. Mr. Dancealot stood behind a podium and read from a PowerPoint on how to dance the box trot. The class was not able fully engage in the class because there was no hands on activities. The author made the case by showing in the end that the students had no knowledge on what they should be doing. Having only paper and pencil should not be the only way to teach a class.

Teaching in the 21st Century
In this presentation Mr. Roberts presents how teaching has/will evolve. In the video it says that if teachers only provide: content
Then our role as teachers is obsolete. Teachers are not the main source of information. We are the filters. Students can find anything anytime anywhere. But we must be able and available to teach them how to do those tings properly. If we as educators are able to Understand
and create.
we will build lifelong learners. "Students don't need to be entertained, but engaged" This engagement should be fun and exciting. With that being said. Let's engage our students with entertaining information and ideas that they will enjoy as well as learn.
The Networked Student
After watching the video it is very clear why EDM 310 is important. There are ways in which future educators can connect with each other and build a lifelong building process, by using tools on the internet. When asked Why does the Networked student need a teacher? My reaction to the question is that the teacher is needed for support when the student has any issues. The teacher does not give the answer but only suggestions so the student can continue to explore new ways of collaborating.
Harness Digital Smarts
In this video Mrs. Davis shows how she fosters the love of learning in her classroom. She is allowing them to create relationships with people around the world from her small town in Georgia. The students are even teaching her new things. The learning cyle continues throughout the school. Teachers introduce the concept and the students help each other by using all the electronic medis that they can.
Flipping the Classroom
Flipping the classroom is a very new concept for me. I love the idea that the teacher can do a prerecorded video that the student can view for homework and be prepared with questions on the subject before it is even taught. With this technique the student has the advantage. They will be able to practice the subject, then ask questions if needed. The teacher then will be able to focus on the things that te students have issues with. I will be doing more research of this technique for my future classroom.


  1. Thoughtful. Thorough. Well written. Well done.

  2. This was a very well written blog post! Teaching in the 21st Century really opened my eyes. In my head, teachers ARE the source of information, but with technology rapidly advancing this is no longer the case. With new information surrounding the students every time they log on to the internet, they need a filter. And now that is the teacher's job. I love the part about engaging the student and not entertaining them. This is so important now with technology. When students have iPads and iPods it is easy for them to get off task. But by using techniques that keep the students engaged, it will be easy to keep them right on track!