Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog #6

A PLN is a professional learning network, where you can make connections, share ideas and resources. As I do further research, I see that I already have begun using PLN's even before I was an education major. I use facebook, and twitter all the time to share videos and pictures with people all the time. Those steps are the very firt ones in creating my PLN. I believe that I could use this tool in the classroom as an educator to share information about topics in different subject areas with my students as well as their parents. I now realize that I have an organized PLN with people that can and could help me in my teaching career. Assignments like C4T's and C4C's are places to start. Yes C4C's, because I feel that my peers are the ones that I could connect to the most. In addition to other resources like Twitter and even Pinterest are also places that I could start to build my Personal Learning Network. I know starting this process will allow me to meet, share, and involve myself with people, places,and ideas that will help be a great asset to children in the classroom.


  1. I love your view on PLN's and the picture you used in your blog is awesome! I also use Twitter and Facebook as a part of my personal learning network. What else could you add to increase your PLN? Don't forget to edit your post before publishing, I only saw one typo though! Keep up the good work!

  2. Good. You need to fix your link though. It's not working!