Sunday, February 9, 2014


For this assignment I visited Mr. Daniel Edwards' blog post on How do we prepare our children for Tomorrow? In this post Mr. Edwards has a video on placing emphasis on children, and how educators can make the future brighter for them. By doing this it will help children succeed in the future. Children have all kinds of educational media, that they can use to help them connect to children around the world . I mentioned that I would be visiting his blog post on a later date. He quickly replied and thanked me for my comment.

On my second visit to Mr. Edwards blog, Mr Edwards had a post on The Top 10 Apps in an established 1:1 iPad School In this post Mr. Edwards gives information that the Stephen Perse Foundation has had an iPad programme running for two years. This foundation is using the iPad in the classroom. Engaging students in limitless ways. There is an App that teachers use to give feedback to students called Showbie. . This allows the teacher to view a student(s) work and give suggestions. The feedback can also be in audio form. This is a great feature, because I know that children would love to be able to hear their teacher say positive things about their work. (so will the parents).
In summary there are all kids of ways that the iPad can be used effectively in the classroom. My wish is that ALL school systems would use the iPad. Technology is only getting more advanced. Why not advance the minds of children. They are our FUTURE.

You can find Mr. Edwards on Twitter. @syded05

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