Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog Post #4

What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher
Upon viewing the page at The Learning Center I have found that there are strategies for asking questions. In my list I will provide the strategy as well as an explaination/example of each. The strategies are as followed.
1.Having a course goal. Having concepts that will help the student use critical thinking.
2. Avoid leading questions These questions answer themselves and the student do not "think" for themselves.
3. Follow a Yes or No question with a additional question Once the general question is answered do a follow up question like " Why? or "Explain your Thoughts"
4. e specific in questioning Use a variety of questions that build to the more complex thought process.
5.During class discussion do not ask more than one question at once This confuses children and they are less likely to respond.
6. When Planning allow time for questions and answers Don't wait until the last few minutes of class for students to ask questions. Waiting until the end of the lesson will discourage question asking because they are aware that only a few minutes remain in the lesson.
7. Ask different types of questions use "closed" questions which have a limited amount of answers. ask "managerial" questions to ensure that the students have all the resources and material as well as knowledge of the subject. Also ask "open" questions, these questions sometimes prompt conflicting answers. This will help the children participate in discussion.

With this process asking questions is the key to knowledge. Just think with NO QUESTIONS, How would the world operate? Everything as a Who?, What?, When?, Where? Why?, and How? Its just a process to get those answers.

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  1. I'd like to impose an exception on #2 Avoid Leading Questions. Usually, YES, avoid leading questions. However, I highly encourage you to ask the students who are struggling and/ or lack confidence leading questions. Confidence makes a huge difference in the classroom so give them a little boost! Set your students up for success. :] Great post!