Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog Post #13

What did Dr. Strange leave out?
This is what I thinks should be included.
Watch the video Whole Brain Teaching Look at the different ways that chris teaches his middle school class the basics. How could this work in your classroom? Give your perspective on The Whole Brain Teaching. Write using a quality blog post.
little animated girl with words that read whole brain learning
Chris Biffle gives the classroom a chance on how to use their whole brain in his classroom. This technique is very interesting to me. This can be used to help teach classroom rules as well as math concepts. This technique is a bit noisy, but I'm sure once the other instructors see the progress that my students are making in my classroom, they too will adapt the technique. As I watched other videos on YouTube. One teacher taught her children a math rule. PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY. The first letter of each word helps the students remember the math rules of P- Parentheses E-exponent M-multiply D-divide A-add S-subtract. This is cool because once that algebra question asks what operation should you do first? The students will remember this and perform the problem correctly.
I can remember one that has always stuck with me. To remember the directions on the compass my teacher would say N-never E-eat S-shredded W-wheat. I knew North was always on top, and I would remember that "trick" she taught me, and passed my compass test. I will definitely try and use this in my classroom. It seems as though the children were having fun while learning.
*claps hands* TEACH!

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