Sunday, April 20, 2014

C4K (April)
On April 7, 2014 I looked at a student in Mrs. Jacobsen's class named Zack. He is a 5 year,8 year old from Pt. England. Zack gave information about flax snails. I commented that I would love to learn more about these snails, because they seemed cool.

On April 20, 2014 I viewed a student in Mrs.She's class named Efa-Lata she goes to Pt.England School in Auckland New Zealand. Efa-Lata told how she and her mother visited the zoo over the weekend. She stated that she saw lots of animals, and ate Burger King. I asked Efa-Lata what were her favorite animals at the zoo? I also told her what my favorite animals were, and told her that she did a great job on her podcast.

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