Monday, April 21, 2014

C4T #4

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Ross Wickers
I visited Mr.Wickers Physical Education blog. He talks about how he is always searching for new innovating strategies. He is in the process of developing a newsletter on all the information that he comes across via twitter, as well as the information that he gets from his colleagues. His first issue of the newsletter focuses on the 10 great lesson series. I commented that I enjoyed the article, as well as wished him luck on his newsletter.

My final visit to this blog post was on March 21, 2014. Mr. Ross did not have a new post. He is an physical education teacher, so Im guessing he has been busy finding more new and innovating things that can help children in the school systems. I have noticed that Mr. Ross is very successful with his newsletters. I had the pleasure of reading his first issue. It's really nice.

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