Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog assignment #4

Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog
Everyone needs to check this blog page. The children on this page are so talented.The tone, and passion of the children are amazing.The fluctuation in their voice makes you really imagine and see what they were saying in your mind. In one word, Perfect! I will definitely use some of their techniques in my podcast. From Eagles Nest Radio, "keep reading and learning".

pod-casting with 1st grade
This article basically tells the techniques used to help some 1st graders how they can be involved in a podcast.I believe that the children really enjoyed doing this activity.Being able to hear themselves on multimedia forms was exciting to them. The author also used music and sound effects in the background. I will try and play around with some extra graphics in my podcast as well.

Pod-casting in the classroom
Harry Dell gives the benefits of pod-casting in the classroom. He gives some really good tips on why it is important, as well as the easy access the children have to pod-casting. Children in today's generation can relate to technologies like video games, computers, and cell phones (sad but true)so pod-casting will be an adventure you both can take in the classroom.

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  1. I hope these assignments helped you prepare for your podcast.