Saturday, September 10, 2011

C4T #2

Bill Genereux's blog posts.

Rocking the First Day
This blog talks about the "traditional" reading of the syllabus on the first day of class.It seems that this is what most teachers are programmed to do. Mr. Genereux took a different approach with his photography class. Even though most students only had I-phones instaed of actual cameras, he challenged his students to take pictures of each other as sort of an icebreaker.The students actually came up with some very creative ideas and the pictures came out awesome. This technique gave the students a jump start on other assignments to come, as well as gives them a reason to come up with more creative ideas before the next class meeting.I enjoyed this post. It was a great way to ROCK ON THE FIRST DAY!

First Day Report

Bill Genereux's daughter who is in the fourth grade, reported to her father that she now loves school again.It seems as now schools are so focused on the scores that they receives from standardized test, that their is no time for fun.This must surely be a frustrating matter for both students and staff. I know of some schools who call it positive P's: Preparing Performing,and Passing. I say it's putting pressure on peers. I believe if more focus were to be put on the creativity of the child then the school test score would be through the roof.
I gave congratulations to Mr. Bill on his good news.I know I would be smiling from ear to ear if I heard that from my daughter.I hope my daughter will enjoy her school education from Pre-K to college.

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