Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Assignment # 6

The Networked Student

First I would like to say that the animation used in this video was great.
My reaction to this video: I like the fact that the classromm is not about sitting in a desk for an hour and fifteen minutes. It actually allows the student to use creativity and social media to achieve a goal. Just as EDM310 does. Dr. Strange is not lecturing and there are no books, yet he is still fully involved in the learning process, as long as the student is eager to learn new and exciting things.
The fact that Wendy says that she may use this with her middle school students is great. Students will have access to some of the most educated people in the world. Like the video states, "You won't know unless you ask". My personal note is " No question is a dumb question, The question is only dumb when it remains unasked."

A 2nd graders LPE!

Now I thought that this project would be hard,Yet this second grader did this project and it is AMAZING! I am really going to take this information and work ten times harder to make my PLN just as good. There is a television show called " Are You Smarter than a Fifth grader?" Well I am going to start a show " Is Your PLN/PLE Better than a Second Grader?"


  1. Hi Roshawnda! I loved your take on "The Networked Student" and yes though we don't see Dr. Strange alot we still know that he is fully involved in our class and classwork. I also think your idea for your PLN/PLE being better than a second grader is so creative! Nice responses!

  2. She's a 7th grader!

    My motto: "Questions are more important than the answers." Glad to see you agree!