Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog Assignment# 2

Did You Know? 3.0
The information was very interesting. The facts that were flashed across my face made me look at the video over, and over again. The United States needs to speed up a bit on education. It's crazy how China has more honor students than we have people. I never knew the first commercial text message was sent in 2002.Its really scary that in the year 2049 a computer will have more knowledge than a human. I guess it's true that computers will take over the world.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
Now this video basically shows how even after a 100 year slumber, Mr.Winkle could only find comfort in a school. The office building, and hospital had evolved with technology. The school was just as he remembered it. The so called tradition of teaching. Computers are a very important part of education. Technology is forever changing and we should encourage our children to learn new things. We should surely use computers and other multi-media devices in our classroom lectures.Not only for the students, but for ourselves also to keep up with the ever changing world.

Cecelia Gault
Wow! Looks like I need to move to Finland. As children we are taught that reading, science, and math are the three most important subjects. It's now hard to believe that when the dropout rate is twenty five percent. Seems we are not as educated as we think.I really would love to get a lesson plan from some teachers, and some techniques to use so that my classroom will have the upperhand. Maybe that way my peers can see this and want to do it also. It would start a trend and before long the U.S will be right there with Finland. ON TOP!

Vicki Davis
I absolutely love this video. The rural part of Georgia is connected to the world!I love the fact that the classroom is not just standard desk with blackboard.Every student has access to a computer. I believe that children of the next generation will learn so much more using digiteen, and other computer literate techniques.I appreciate how Mrs. Davis states that you don't have to know everything to teach, because in some cases the children will have something to teach you.The education system needs to jump on this and Harness the Students Digital Smarts.

Sir Ken Robinson
First let me say that Sir Ken Robinson made those 19 minutes very interesting.It states that we as educators are educating others on things we know nothing about.Teachers tend to place the academics as the important subjets, and Art, Music, and Dance are just electives.People are so programmed to believe that you develop creativity. This is not true. Creativity is a trait that yyou are born with, and everybody has a creative background. Some people will not step up and do what they love in fear that what they believe is wrong.All subjects are important as a whole. We as eucators need to teach whole body not just literacy. Dance, music, and art should all be at the top of the education hieracy.


  1. Roshawnda,
    I enjoy your enthusiasm for each post you make. Every post you make has your sense of humor and is enjoyable to read. In a few of the posts I feel like if I had not seen the video's myself I would probably be a little confused on what you are talking about on some of the posts because there was not much of a introduction for the video. I also did not understand the direction you were going with the Mr. Winkle Wakes post. The first few sentences were a little difficult to read for me. I know how I type really fast and sometimes I forget to add a letter in a word or jumble my thoughts together into the paragraph. I have found that is helps to get a second pair of eyes to proof read each post before I send it to make sure I have no grammatical or sentence errors.
    I too enjoyed Sir Ken Robinson's video on creativity. You and I both have a young one and we know first hand just how creative children really can be. I am so glad there are many more future teachers who are interested in really letting their students be the creative creatures we were born to be. Good luck in edm 310 and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    Thank you!
    Jessica Walker

  2. Hey! I also was amazed by the “Did You Know? 3.0” video. I don’t enjoy the thought that one day humans are going to be outsmarted by computers. I found it fascinating that everyday so many text messages are sent and received that it is more than the population of the planet. It amazes me that we use technology so frequently but out of habit so we are not paying attention to how rapidly it is growing. This video really helped me open my  eyes to the technology being used around me everyday.
    “Mr. Winkle Wakes” does a good job of making the point clear that the world is changing and technology is growing and being used in common places. The video also points out that not only is used in many places but in life or death situations. Although technology is becoming a huge part of the world it is not used enough in the one place where we are supposed to knowledge students and point them towards a successful future. I agree with you that we should have access to computers and multi-media devices in classrooms.
    Finland's records for grades and honor students are very impressive. Something obviously needs to change in the United States to lower the rate of dropouts. I think your idea of getting lesson plan from a teacher in Finland in brilliant. We need to try doing new things and clearly they are doing something right. Maybe this would be successful and start a trend that leads to better grades and more of an interest from students.
    I thought Viki Davis had a good video of the way she teaches. I do think many students could benefit, however, I believe that only a certain amount of her teaching process is needed. It seems to be effective the way she showed it but not every teacher needs to do things this way and having one or two classes of this each year would be sufficient is what I would believe. I agree with you and Mrs. Davis that you do not have to know everything to teach also.
    Sir Ken Robinson’s video pointed out new ideas to me that I had not realized before. I like how he pointed out teachers teach the waist up and mostly the head. He ask the question why we require math, science, and other subjects but not dance or music. I have always wondered about this as well. We both feel the same that all of these subjects should be treated the same. We don’t allow students enough opportunity to express themselves.

  3. Hello Roshawnda!

    Just a note: for each blog post you need to include a picture (it doesn't have to relate to the post, but it helps if it does) with alt and title tags. Also, you need to include the links to the videos you are discussing in case your audience hasn't had the chance to watch them.

    Your thoughts about the prompts seem to be well-organized for the most part. You may want to write your posts in a Word doc first though, because I spotted some errors that would have easily been spotted by that program.

    Other than that, good post!