Sunday, October 30, 2011

B log assignment #10

Do You Teach? or Do You Educate?

What does it mean to teach? Teach is a verb and the definition is to explain how to do something, give instructions, cause one to learn or understand. There are many people in the education field that are just teachers and are not even interested in being an educator. Some are there just for the pay checks and this to me is the most horrible thing to imagine, especially when you have children in the school system.
Educators on the other hand are people who have passion about what they are doing. People who want to inspire, empower, give instructions in order to have the student be motivated to perform any task, whether it be mathematics, science or social skills. I am taking the initiative to say that I will be an EDUCATOR! WILL YOU?

Don't let them take the Pencil Home

I actually chuckled at this blog. Don't get me wrong, I genuinely enjoyed it, yet it was too funny how the belief that not taking home pencils would increase standardized test scores. Okay first things first. There are pencils everywhere and trust me when I say if there's a will there is a way. I also believe that pencils are not the problem. Children need to be stimulated and encouraged to do new and exciting things. One solution would be to make it fun to learn. Reading is great but is it enough to get those creative juices flowing in order to perform at the best possible level. Breakfast is important , Parenting is important, and self image is also important. Parents as well as educators should tell the students that they can be whatever they aspire to be that they are smart and can one day be the President of the United States. Call it reverse psychiatry, but if it works use it. I also would like to piggy back on one of the comments made on the post. So what if the student uses the pencil to play hang man, you have to be thinking of Words/Letters in order to get the puzzle. I know that is such a bad name for a game but, at least there is an education strategy. Now excuse me while I sharpen my pencils. :)


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  2. Hi Roshawnda,

    After watching the Do You Teach or Do You Educate? video, I also want to be an educator. I believe that everyone who is in the education field should want to be an educator, just like you. We should want our students to gain as much information as they can and grow from their experiences in our classroom.

    As for Mr. John Spencer’s post, I didn't get the metaphor at first either. I had to read it several times before I really got it. Students are going to use computers at home all the time. I feel that isn't the problem, it is what the students are doing with the computers that create a problem. I feel the students need to find a more education purposes their computers at home.

    -Amanda Ellenburg :)