Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blog Assignment #8

This is how we Dream Pt 1&2

In this video an educator by the name of Richard Miller talks about how technology will and have changed. He shows how efficient the Mac computer is as well as gives reasons why the world needs inspiring spaces. Mr. Miller says that if we as educators are put in a space that is inspiring then more creativity can come from us as individuals. Basically saying that boring four walls are not appealing enough for the creative juices that we all have to start flowing. He also makes the statement that ideas should not just be for self but should be shared collectively. So if there is something that one knows or wants to know, It should be shared so that that information can be researched and passed on to others.
This video was very informative about how the mac works and how you can have access to all kinds of information and documents with just a single click. How there are people working on ways to even see where people are the most happiest through blogs and information that is being shared on the internet.
This information should and will not stay a dream. It is only a matter of time before the classroom as we know it will be literally at the fingertips. This will be both scary and exciting. How will we as educators adjust when we are being taught to be traditional teachers with pen and paper? Education as we know it is changing as we speak. Looks like we better WAKE UP!

Carly's post

In Carly's Post about the six questions one should ask everyday was a very greatly detailed informative post. I enjoyed this and I can tell that she was truly inspired in this post. I love that fact that the information portion of the post was full of fun, yet still gave great points. The actual six questions were some truly deep questions. It actually made me sit back and think. "Am I ready for this task, Do I have the skills?" She made very valid points and this is something that all educators should look at and really look themselves in the mirror and say " Am I crazy enough to change the world?" People who are crazy enough to say this and act on it, probably WILL!

Chipper & EDM for Dummies
First let me say. POOR CHIPPER. This lady had the hardest time trying to get herself together. The funniest thing was the stuff about the future. Too FUNNY!
It seem to me that chipper's life wasn't so CHIPPER, but who am I to judge. In the end chipper realized that her ideas were not so solid without an educational background. In the end she went back to school and made an oath to do what is right. What she should have done in the beginning.
Edm for Dummies was very good as well the students came up with a book to help others learn how to navigate through the course.To be honest the book needs to be invented. HINT HINT!!
All in all the videos were very creative and actually gave me some ideas on how I could use these techniques in my very own movies in the course. I give it Two Thumbs Up.

Learn to Change/Change to Learn

Learning is suppose to be fun and engaging. In today's classroom there are so many rules that restrict the learning process. Today adults and children alike are blogging and emailing and instant messaging as ways of interacting and communicating with each other, yet the education programs punish children and in some cases teacher from using them in the classroom. We should be encouraging these forms of media to be used properly in schools. There is so much to be learned, but how can we find out new things if there is fear about how it will be used.
One comment that really stuck with me was that every turned off device is a turned off child. This is beyond true. If a child is not enjoying what they are doing then most likely they are not trying there very best at the task at hand but is merely finishing just be done with it. The material is only being BURPED back as Dr.Strange says.
Was as educators have to be willing to Learn as we teach and Change as we Learn.


  1. Roshawnda,

    You seemed to have learned a lot from this blog assignment! In response to "The Chipper Series" and "EDM 310 for Dummies" what kind of videos would you like to create? I like your concept of being crazy to change the world. You have a good theory here! Consider the people who have become successful. They all thought outside the box and were a little eccentric for the most part.

    Reminder: Be sure to add links to the assignments in future blog posts! Also, proof read your post before posting in order to eliminate grammatical errors.

  2. Roshwanda,
    I enjoyed your post, your ideas and opinions are very similar to mine. Keep up the good work.