Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog assignment #9

At the Teacher’s Desk

The blog offered lots of information that I can use as an educator. Mr McClung gave his experience from his first year of teaching to his third. There were times when he expressed that he had fallen into the traditional aspects of teaching and would teach about things and give an assessment on things that had absolutely nothing to do with what he taught about or the information would not be to the depths that the tests were in.

He also talked about CONTROL. How educators have to be in control of everything that goes on in the classroom. He states that control is good, but there is a such thing as too much. In other words you have to be able to adapt to changes as they occur. There will be times that we as educators will have to put the “standards” down and teach freestyle. NEVER GET COMFORTABLE.

McClung says that we as educators need to teach our students how to perform tasks in the classroom rather than depend on the instructor to do it for them. This way they can take the full experience of the classroom. Much like Dr.Strange’s class. I totally agree with this, If there is ever a situation where I am not comfortable with an assignment, I can ask a lab assistant and they will help me with the issue, and not “Touch the Keyboard” as McClung puts it. This way the next time I come across the issue I will know how to resolve it on my own. If the assistant would have just “fixed” the problem I would have no idea on how to make it work, and in turn would have learned nothing. We cannot afford to be passive in teaching we have to be movers and shakers. We will have to be willing to make complete fools of ourselves if that’s what it takes to get the point across to the students. After all we are THE TEACHERS AT THE DESK!


  1. Hi Roshawnda, I enjoyed reading your post. You did a good job summarizing the major points Mr. McClung was focusing on in his post. I definitely agree with your point that we need to be movers and shakers in education. It is always important to be innovative and strive for higher goals not only in education, but in every aspect of life so as not to become complacent. I'm also glad to see that you've benefitted from the "Don't touch the keyboard" technique. Keep up the good work! -Josh

  2. Roshawnda,

    It is clear that you have learned a great deal from Mr. McClung's experiences. Good job on the blog post!