Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Assignment #7

Randy Pauschs Last Lecture : Achieving your childhood dreams

In this video Randy talked about ways to help achieve your childhood dreams. Before we get into that I wanted to talk about the fact that Randy showed the CT scans of his ten tumors and still wanted everyone to know that he was still having fun, that he did not want anyone to feel sorry for him, that in itself makes you look at the simple things we as students call hard and realize that this is just a test to get us where we need to be

Randy gave a lot of great ways or techniques if you will on how to achieve your dreams. One that I particularly like is "Don't complain just work HARDER",and when someone makes you mad or upset just give them some time and they will surprise you". These two mean so much to be because I have on many occasions always had a rebuttal when I am told that something I did was not standard. Instead of trying to get a word in, next time I will just make the next thing I have to do even better than before.

Randy helped students with Edutainment which is helping the first responders, This ETC that he was working with was so great that there were companies who had written letters saying that they were guaranteeing that they would hire students that were in the program. Randy's whole focus was always on others, he gave gratitude to people that helped him along the way as well as the many students that he taught as well. Randy states that you cannot get success alone, you have to have others to help you, that is why you must show dedication to something and people will see that you are passionate about it and be willing to learn and help you as well.
I have come to realize that teaching is not to better yourself, but to help others learn what you know. There will be times where we come to a brick wall, just remember what Dr. Pausch said "Brick wall as there to prove how badly we want something, and to stop those who don't want it". If you want it GO GET IT. Live life in a good way and karma will take care of the rest. I absolutely loved this lecture. VERY INSPIRING!!

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  1. "...but to help others learn what you know." I think it is much better to have the goal of helping others become lifelong learners. What they learn, specifically what you know, is not the objective I think is most appropriate.

    Randy Pauch's Last Speech truly is an inspiration and a great guide in how to be a good educator.