Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog assignment # 11

Ms. Cassidy

In this assignment Ms.Cassidy had a Skype interview with our very own Dr.Strange. She describes how she took 5 computers that had no programming, yet her class was blogging and learning new things, because she took the initiative to bring to the children the importance of being on line and what they can benefit from this use. I also appreciated the fact that the children's identity is being protected by using their first name only and not placing names with the actual student pictures.Some people had a serious issue with this type of information sharing via the internet due to them not having knowledge of how this is productive. Ms. Cassidy expresses that technology is not going anywhere and the world is constantly changing, and if the most modern technology is not being used we can be handicapping both the students of the next generation as well as ourselves.
Some of the techniques that Ms.Cassidy uses with her class is more than just blogging. She allows her class to use a tool that most, if not all have. The Nintendo DS. With this tool the children are learning to share information as well as have fun, which the children can appreciate because after all learning is suppose to be fun.
I have learned that there are numerous ways in which I can engage my class in the learning process.One is the SMART board, and blogging. I will most definitely remember that the Nintendo DS game system can be a tool for learning also.I now realize that being an educator is not just a job it is a lifestyle. HAPPY EDUCATING! :)

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  1. Roshawnda,

    Clearly you have found this Blog Assignment useful! It is great that you are thinking of ways to use Ms. Cassidy’s ideas in a modified way for your own classroom, but I would love to hear more about these ideas!