Tuesday, November 15, 2011

C4K summary (NOV)

MR.McClungs World
This site tell how Mr.McClung shows how his children were asked to create their very own Country with a style of government as well as economy. I especially enjoyed this because there was a map of the country Carollelea that has a place called Peanut Butter Fields. How I would love to visit there. :)

Mrs. Yollis class blog
In Mrs Yollis' class there was a student named Beverly who did not follow directions when the teacher said that the students could wear Halloween colors, but no costumes. Beverly was not paying attention and came to school as a PIRATE!

In this blog Mrs. Yollis asks that the reader gives a story on what really happened, and why Beverly was a pirate.

Pt England 6th Year
Turuhira a year 6 student in Pt England school talks about how it was really cold outside while she watched fireworks light up the sky.I only replied that she did a great job,and told her to keep up the good work. At first I was reading too fast and thought she was 6 years old. Either way it was a great descriptive post. :)

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