Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post #13 E-media FAST!

First things first. I am sooo happy to finally be able to talk on the phone it is ridiculous. I first started this assignment with the mind set that I can do this with no problems... I was wrong. Within the first hour, I had ten missed calls, and my cell phone would not stop vibrating. I then decided that I would tell everyone that I communicate with on a regular that I would not be available for 24 hours. My moms response was "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR BLEEP MIND?" I could only laugh, because I talk to my mother everyday and she was not hearing that. My husband was another one that could not take the news. He has a very demanding job that keeps him from home a lot of hours and he calls and checks on us regularly. The fact of not knowing whether something is wrong or not would drive him insane. So I had to think of ways to have everyone satisfied. I thought I would go to my grandmothers house and stay so my husband would know we were okay, and let my grandmother tell my mother what I had to say to her. This plan also failed because I experienced an extreme headache. This was good for the assignment because there was no way I was talking to anybody, and no way I was watching television, nor listening to a radio.
I literally stayed in my bed and cried with my silent tears. Yes, the pain was that serious. I even considered going to the emergency room. When it was all said and done I slept for ten hours. When I woke up it was two in the morning. I then got something to eat, and got back in bed. Once morning light hit my bedroom, I felt a whole lot better,and only had a few hours to go. I cleaned my carpets, and did a little dusting.( I almost messed up because I normally listen to the radio while cleaning) As soon as three o'clock hit I was dialing everybody in my contact list.
I must say this was both a challenging assignment as well as a fun one. I do not want to ever have to do that again. I had e-mail messages galore. Missed calls like you wouldn't believe, and I am still checking my messages. :) To the future students of EDM310. Can you survive the fast?


  1. Roshawnda,

    Wow! It sounds like you had a difficult time!!! I am sorry you got a terrible headache. It sounds like you had a migraine...but...great job in completing this assignment! We really do not realize how much we rely on technology!

  2. I guess it is hard to know how reliant we are on technology until we cut out technology completely. You really were a trooper though, making sure that you did not crack even when you wanted to. I do not know if I would be able to survive without my phone. I use my phone for everything; calling family, writing notes, checking the time. I would be incredibly lost without it. Great job on completing this assignment!