Sunday, November 6, 2011

C4K Summary (Oct)

Oct 9th
Student Angelo tells how you must be as fast as a race horse and eat health in order to be a great rugby player. Sorry i forgot to add the links here but there are some very great illustrations among these students.

Oct 16th
Khia made 2 animations about rugby players.She also used great sound effects of the crowd cheering. I must say that creativity with children really makes them stand out.

Oct 23rd
Kelsi's blog showed a picture of a beautiful snow white house. The picture was absolutely amazing. She also stated that the temperature there was -4 degrees. BRR I can feel the frost.

Oct 30th
Room 17 year 6 Pt. England School Australian football coaching
A student in Room 17 had some difficulties trying to learn a new skill, about how to play a sport. I just encouraged her to continue to work hard and she could achieve anything.

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