Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog# 7

What can we learn about teaching and learning from Randy Pausch?

Watching Randy Pausch in his last lecture, made me look at things in a whole new light.I now have picked up a few techniques that I plan to use in my own life. One particular thing that stood out to me was that the way you say things can get a good or bad reaction. If someone is rude you feel attacked, but someone else can say the exact same thing, and you can see where they are coming from. I know this to be true because, I was told NO! before by one person, went to another person had the same conversation, and they explained to me why I needed to improve the task at hand. Randy Pausch gave a few tips that one can follow they include:
Remember to have fun
never lose childhood wonder
help others
and remember that loyalty is a two way street.
These are just a few things that I will take with me through life.

To answer the question...I think that we can learn that teaching is not about what we know, but how we can help students. By being loyal to them and allowing them to explore different things in the classroom. This can help children blossom and believe that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to.I love Mr.Pausch's statement that if you lead life the right way and good things will come to you.
picture of randy pausch last lecture book


  1. I love your point about teaching not being about what we know!! I have had teachers in the past who were really intelligent and knew a lot of things but they could not convey their knowledge to students. Teaching is about learning, not knowing. We have to be able to help our students learn what we know. I think it's also really important that we learn from our students! We need to listen to their feedback and adjust our teaching styles to help them learn.

  2. Try not to capitalize words that don't need to be capitalized, like when you said, "that Teaching is not about what we know, but How we can help students". Teaching and How do not need to be capitalized!