Saturday, March 1, 2014

C4K Summary (FEB)

picture of C4K
On Feburary 8, 2014 I was assigned to comment on the blog of Haylee J. This student gave steps to solve a fraction with unlike denominators.She gave directions to cross multiply and find a common denominator, then add the numerators and the final step was to simplify your problem by didvsion. My comment was that I enjoyed the post and told her Great Job!

My next student was Lily. Lily talked about having two big brothers, two pets which included a bird, and a hampster named chumchum. I commented that she did a great job on her post, and that I would love to play with her pet hampster.

I also took a visit to Mrs. Millers's class and read Haley's blog on This I believe. On this blog post the student talked about karma and how she believed that what ever you believe in it seems to manifest in life. This was a high school student, and I did suggest that she remember to always capitalize the pronoun I.

My final C4K class was Tessa C. blog about a story called Sarah's Key. Tessa did a power-point on the book, and gave graphics and great animations.I commented that the story seemed interesting. This story reminds me of the story of Anne Frank. This too was a story about the holocaust.I told Tessa that she did an awesome job, and to keep up the good work.

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