Friday, March 14, 2014

Blog 8

A 21st century learning and communicating tool that I really like and would incorporate in my classroom is Flipping the classroom. This technique is very interesting in that fact that the teacher can have pre recorded material sent to the children before the lesson is even taught. The students can then practice the material at home and gain more knowledge about things, gather any questions that they might have, and present them to the taecher the next school day. This way the teacher can address the children that are having issues in certain subject areas, and be able to give them more one on one attention.
I agree with this technique because, some children need further instruction or support from their teacher when they complete their homework assignments. I remember days where I would need assistance and the teacher would say that they were not going to hold up the class to try and teach something all over again. Flipping the classroom will allow the teacher to see excatly if the concept that they are trying to help the children master is successful or not. This evaluation can then allow the taeacher to try and adjust her teaching method to help those students who are struggling without intreupting class time for those who have grasped the concept.

One more thing that future educators should know. Flipping the classroom is not an easy task. Sometimes we as future eductors try and find an easy thing to try jsut because it is new. Please view 5 things I wish I knew about Flipping the classroom This video gives an honest opinion of a teacher who states that flipping does require lots of planning and dedication. The children have to be engaged in the material in order for flipping to work. To all my future and curent eduactors who plam on or are flipping their classrooms GOOD LUCK on your flipping journey.


  1. I agree that flipping the classroom is also something I might use one day in my own classroom. It definitely gives the students a head start. You had a few spelling errors, but other than that you did a great job.

  2. What are some other 21st Century Communicating tools that can be used in the classroom? Flipping the Classroom is a wonderful resource but the assignment asked you to discover other communication tools and the ones list were a starting point.

    Also you have numerous spelling errors in your post. You must proofread before you publish a post.