Friday, March 14, 2014


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The Thinking stick.
For this assignment I had the pleasure to visit Jeff Utecht's blog posts. I took an interest in his blog about 2014 Predictions of technology. Jeff talks all the predictions that he has had with the technology field.How he predicted a new technology would evolve in some sort and how it has come to past. His 2014 prediction is wearable technology, where we woould be able to look through a glass connected to eyeglasses. Mr. Jeff hopes that the first disruptive will be in physical education. Using something like Fitbit that the students could possible wear and monitor if they are getting adequate amounts of exercise. I commented that I wasn't so sure how felt about wearable technology, but the idea of fit-bit could be a major asset to students around the world.

The last post that Mr. Jeff talks about is his frustration with the fact that it is the year 2014, 14years in the century and the internet is 25 years old. He states that we need to embrace the fact that the internet need to improve. He compares how some places like starbucks allows places that students can access things that the public libraries should cut their non fiction book budget to fund research places. He also gave great points as to how teachers should have acces to a laptop in the classroom. He gave points on how the access to youtube and facebook should be allowed in the classroom. There are lots of great things on these sites, they just have to be filtered. He also states that if the schools cannot provide some type of educational media like a ipad that the students should be allowed to bring their own. I know some people would not agree, but children as early as the third grade have cell phones and can get any information that they want at any time. His points are very interesting and if you ask me, very great points. The world of media is only becoming greater. My theory is that we can't beat technology, might as well embarce and improve it. I commented that I hope that his points gets into the minds of those who make the decisions on how a classroom should operate.

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