Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog #9

picture of social media logos
Watching Mrs. Cassidy's video I have a new insight on the media world. I have always been the person that questioned the fact that blogging in the classroom is useless. Mrs. Cassidy states that we have to change because the world is changing, that handicapping yourself, and your students is what we will be doing if we do not take the time to take advantage of all the collaborating tools that are available via the internet and social media. The basic paper and pencil method is okay, but think of the possibilities that a student can accomplish just by this simple fact. This would help a child write more and be more expressive in their writing.
Another thing that was a bit interesting to me was the fact that Mrs. Cassidy does not necessarily use social media in her personal life, but in her classroom.I now know that blogging and social media can and will be the thing that takes my teaching technique to a completely different level.


  1. I think Mrs.Cassidy's video opened up a lot of our eyes to just how useful technology can be in the classroom. I like that you pointed out her idea that the world is changing so as teachers, we should too. I didn't even out much thought into her not using technology in her personal life, but that is a good thing to point out.

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